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Quality Innovations: Quality Systems Made Simple


Quality Innovations can perform contract internal audits or external audit support to your organization for the following standards: ISO 9001, IATF 16949, AS 9100, ISO 17025, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and others.  Incorporated with the contract audits you will receive valuable consulting advice in order to improve your quality system.

We also can train your internal auditors to ensure that they have the proper level of knowledge and can adequately audit to the relevant standards. We offer non traditional hands on auditor training as well as customer audit tool development to match your processes and systems.

The internal audit process is one of the most difficult to manage and is the source of frequent nonconformances during certification audits. There are many risks involved with a typical internal audit system. Some of the risks are: auditor retention, enough time to conduct audits, audits completed on time, inadequate audits, incorrect findings, failure to correct findings, lack of audit finding review to name a few.

Subcontracting your internal audits solves many of these problems.

  1. No auditor training to maintain.
  2. Auditors are adequately qualified.
  3. Conducted on time by scheduling in advance.
  4. Corrective action support is provided by consulting auditor.
  5. Typically costs less than your own employee time to audit.
  6. You receive valuable consultation time during the audit which your certification auditor is not allowed to provide.

The process is simple, contact Quality Innovations, we will conduct a complete internal audit assessment of your management system or just a partial audit based on need. We will conduct audit, document the audit and help write corrective actions.

We can also perform remote audits to supplement your system. Many organizations only need the management system audited, we can audit your management processes which are difficult for employees to audit such as management review, corrective actions, risk etc.

We also can perform auditor training both on-site, remotely or come and visit us in beautiful Tampa Bay for a customized auditor training.